Learn about Mineral makeup benefits

mineral makeup

 Mineral makeup is quite a trend these days, so let us learn something about this type of makeup. What’s in Mineral Makeup? There is no such definition of makeup but to the exact, it is a type of makeup which comprises of Minerals such as […]

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Salman Khan ultimate Workout and Fitness mantra

salman khan workout

  Salman khan workout Almost everyone watched Sultan and watching your favorite celeb showing his abs, what else you can ask for. From towel dance (Movie: Mujhse Shaadi karogi) to black goggle in Movie: Dabang. Salman khan has come a long way. Losing approximate 20kgs […]

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5 different ways to tie sarong


 Different ways to tie sarong So, ladies we all love wearing sarong. It becomes handy while travelling.Today I will give you some tips to wear sarong in 5 different smart ways: 1.Wear it as a Midi Skirt Step 1: First take the shortest sarong end round your waist and tie […]

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Jennifer Hudson dramatic weight loss

jennifer hudson

 Jennifer Hudson dramatic weight loss We all have seen a dramatic weight loss of celebrity Jennifer Hudson and lot of us envy her svelte figure. She appeared in American Idol in 2004 and since then there has been a tremendous change in her size and […]

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Easily Get rid of dark armpits

dark armpits

  Get rid of Dark Armpits One out of every 10 women  suffers from the problem of dark armpits, to specify it more clearly it is not a disease or medical condition but is basically due to certain factors like use of alcohol-based antidepressant, irregular […]

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Chair yoga for Working people

Chair yoga

  Ever heard about Chair yoga Yes, you heard it right, chair yoga the new found love for yoga lovers and must try for every professional. Now let us understand more about it, how it can be done and how it can be implemented in […]

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Wear your High heels without pain

High heels

 Wear High heels with love not pain Tired of Severe pain from heels but love wearing it, don’t worry try these tricks and wear your lovely heels with pride. Right Shoe size is a key : Choosing the best fit shoe is key to avoid pain. […]

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